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Monday, January 11, 2016

7 Things You Need To Know About The Tesla Model X

Tesla shreds the rule book again with a 762bhp, seven-seat, all-electric, gullwing-door SUV

1-It has doors that put a Lamborghini to shame 

No, Tesla hasn't invented the world's first flying SUV although 'Professor' Musk probably has one up his sleeve). Those 'wings' are actually Falcon doors, designed for added convenience - the fact that they will attract more attention than an Aventador is just a by-product. The double-hinged mechanism opens up the n out, and requires aslimline 30cm either side of room. Sensors will stop them opening if they are about to leave stripes on the adjacent car, plus open them automaticallyas you approach. 

2- Move over, XC90 - Tesla makes the safest SUV

Although yet to be smashed into a stationary steel block surrounded by slo-mo cameras, Tesla is confident the Model X will score a five star safety rating in all categories - the first SUV to do so. Its secrets are large crumple zones (there's no unyielding engine block up front) and aluminum pillars 

reinforced with steel rails. Like the Model S, it carries a forward-facing camera, radar and a 360· sonar to read its surroundings and enable autopilot features as they are rolled out. 

3- The interior is like a Model S's ... but bigger.

Tesla is sticking with its bigger-than-most-flatscreen-TVs, portait-orientated central touchscreen,
eliminating all buttons except a pair of touchpads on the wheel. A windscreen that stretches over and behind the driver means more light inside and a better view of bird poo, moments before it lands on your recently valeted car. For audiophiles, a 17-speaker stereo will be too tempting to pass up, while lots of ingenious cubby holes are perfect for your children to hide crisps in. 

4- lt's a breath of fresh air 

Not only is the Model X's interior more airy than the Model S's, the 
air itself is of optimum quality. lt's all down to a HEPA particuiate filter, the first of its type in any car, that delivers "medical-grade air" through the vents and into the cabin. We understand 
that doesn' t mean your car will constantly smell of industrial-strength disinfectant. Being an all-electric SUV with no direct tailpipe emissions, the air around the car will be squeaky clean, too, 
unless you' re a rush-hour commuter in Beijing, or anywhere near a black cab. 

5- lt's a genuine seven seater, with two boots 

The benefits of not having to find room for a combustion engine, driveshafts and a bulky transmission are many. Top of that list are seven usable seats (a six-seat layout with two 
individual seats in the second row is also available) plus a pair of boots - one at the front, 911-styIe, and one where you'd expect to find it in the rear. Roofboxes and bike racks are optional, and you can also be the greenest caravan owner on the black, thanks to the Model Xs impressive 2.3-tonne towing capacity. 

6- Active aero means it's a slippery

 Httle su eker In order to maximise your mileage between top-ups, Tesla has harnessed the power of air. With a drag coefficient of 0.24 - identical to the Model S's, despite its larger front cross section - it's the most slippery SUV on sale. Without the need for 
cooling an engine, the blanked-out front grille cuts through the air, while an active spoiler moves to a position where the driver can see above and below it at speeds of less than 4Smph, and then 
squats slightly at higher speeds. 

7-Ifs as fast as a .. Porsehe 911 Turbo 

Nope, thafs not a typo. Courtesy of front and rear motors, 4WD, 713lb ft of torque and 762bhp,
0-62mph takes 3.2 seconds. Thafs only if you order the Ludicrous P90D, though - the standard P90D takes a sluggish 3.8. Top speed is limited to lSSmph, while the range is 250 miles on a single charge. Take it to the drag strip and, despite weighing a chunky 2.5 tonnes, it'ii crush the quarter-mile in
11.7 seconds. Expect to payaround E90,OOO when it arrives in early '16

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