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Monday, November 21, 2016

Facebook to increase UK employees by 500 in 2017

Facebook will expand its presence in the UK by 50% by 2017 finished it opens its headquarters in New London, the US technology giant has announced.
It will hire 500 additional employees, including engineers, marketers, project managers and sales staff.

"The UK remains one of the best places for a tech company," said its London-based executive, Nicola Mendelsohn.
Facebook's new headquarters in fitzrovia is currently undergoing redevelopment at a site will be.
The majority of the new staff will be based there.
The Confederation of British industry announced the expansion Mendelssohn at the MS conference.
'High skilled jobs'
"Many of those new roles will be high-skilled engineering jobs to the UK as the largest engineering base outside the US in our home business," said Ms Mendelsohn, who is the Vice-president for Europe, Middle East and Africa at Facebook.

The company said some of its most important innovations had been developed in the UK, including Aquila, a solar-powered, unmanned plane that provides Internet connectivity to remote regions.
That's only UK site outside the business district project at Facebook London in Somerset.
Engineers at Facebook's London office, are continuing the development of the Workplace as a platform to improve communications between workers within a the device business, launched last month. There has been speculation that, following the referendum vote for the UK to leave the EU may reconsider investing in the UK by international companies.

However, Facebook's announcement comes just a week after Google announced a £3bn investment in the creation of a new London headquarters and 3,000 new jobs by 2020.

London mayor, Sadiq Khan welcomed the news Facebook.

"Facebook's decision to expand business in London as a tech hub that keeps growing is further evidence of London's strength in front," he said.
"The capital's vibrant tech scene and another sign that Europe's continuing commitment to open Facebook London Business the envy of talent, innovation and entrepreneurship from all four corners of the world."

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