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Monday, January 23, 2017

Macbook pro startup problem and Solution

I have a MacBook Pro unibody and it has start up problems. Note that the problem started waking up from sleep. I have reset the pram, NVRAM, EFI and the SMC as they say how pre-the Apple website.
 I have heard that the problem may be in the network settings in the Ethernet so I have disabled it and also the PPPoE and FireWire. This seemed to have fixed the problem but now I think that's the problem, just the switch to start up.

I have also disabled the sudden motion sensor to see if the problem persists, and it did so I have to enabled it. I haven't try to reinstall Mac OS X because I have never done it before. So I don't want to make a mistake. I have to say that I don't use any external hardware except a wireless mouse. But I do not keep the USB receiver on the front when I put the computer to sleep or shut down.

The start up problem appears to only work when my computer shut down for a long period of time. If not I have no problems. I don't use the Magic Mouse and I have the Bluetooth switch off. I do not use a remote. I also don't use the Time Machine. I do not have the power settings set to put the hard disc to sleep when possible

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