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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Solution to No Audio Output Device is installed

If you don't have the "sound, video and Game Controllers" option you might have to download the correct Sound driver from the internet (google) or your computer from the product's website.

Here are some of the driver(s) that may work (Google them):
"Vista_Win7_R241_x86" File From RealTek

According to a friendly viewer (bluveeta):
"If it still doesn't work for you after step 3, after you have downgraded to your old Sound Driver, reinstall the newest version again. Sometimes when a problem occurs you can fix it by reinstalling a driver with it (to do this downgrade then upgrade back to your newest/original driver ) *this is what worked for me w/ a Toshiba Satellite. It should be work on other PC's if all else fails."

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