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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Review Galaxy S8+ review: The future of Android

Galaxy S8 + review: the future of Android now
Stunning with a 6.2-inch screen and a brilliantly compact design, The new flagship from Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy S8 not just a business it's the best phone anyone has ever made.

Samsung finally beat Apple at its own game.

While the Galaxy S has for years been looked at as the Best Android phone money can buy (at least until I came around the pixel), it's always existed lengthy in the iPhone's shadow. Even with a higher market share, a dominant OS, and the Galaxy S has just stayed out of the reach of the iPhone zeitgeist. Apple does not know how much it tried to create its own end-to-end experience, but it has a copycat, and lamented its aggressive overhaul TouchWiz interface Android enthusiasts.

All that has changed with the Galaxy Q8 +. S8 S8 the Galaxy the first Galaxy to be released on the market. It better be a hyperbolic to compare it to the original iPhone, but it's hard to deny that Q8 + a watershed moment for modern smartphones, despite the poor placement of the fingerprint sensor and its confounding. After years of barely-distinguishable features of dubious usefulness jammed with rectangles around, Samsung has brought something entirely new to the table.

And when the iPhone 8 comes out in September, so it is quite note people might look at admiringly.

Galaxy S8, which we have seen here.

The impossible dream
Slim is in
Fingerprint fumble
Pure pixels
The power of Consolidation
The impossible dream

If I did not know better I would have got the wrong phone. The S8 + does not look or feel anywhere near as big as it is, other phablets with a screen that makes it seem small by comparison, despite a much smaller frame.

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